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Mapping the Catacombs is a single-player text-based adventure game that can also be incorporated into group play by a Game Master. In this game, players create and lead a party of adventurers through a dangerous and labyrinthine catacomb, with the ultimate goal of finding treasure and successfully exiting the catacombs.

To play the game, players need paper, pencil, at least one six-sided die (d6), and a coin. The game progresses in turns, with each turn having three general steps: draw a circle to represent a chamber, roll for encounter and resolve it, and roll for chamber connections and choose a path.

Players start by creating their adventuring party by choosing or rolling for a character type and rolling for their hit points (HP). They also need to determine the characters' sources of light and track fuel usage. Fear plays an important role, as characters can become lost in the catacombs if their fear reaches a certain threshold.

Encounters are resolved by rolling 2d6 and referring to the 2d6 Chamber Contents table. Some encounters may require a coin toss to determine advantage or disadvantage. Attacking and defending mechanics are based on rolling d6, with successful hits subtracting HP from the target.

Throughout the game, players must keep track of their party's health, light, and fear levels, as well as any potential catacomb confusion. Diligent mapping is crucial to retracing the path for a safe exit.

Grab 2d6, pen & paper, a coin, and quickly generate your party & their equipment to start mapping the catacombs.

A solo pen & paper RPG featuring a unique catacomb mapping technique. Also great for one shot adventures. Fair warning: a highly lethal experience!  

Two six-sided die (d6) and one coin are all that is required to play.

Beneath the city, down into one of the nondescript entrances to the cave system, the catacombs and ossuaries of forgotten times are waiting.

  • Illustration focused catacomb mapping system
  • d6 Catacomb Confusion mechanic to ensure waywardness
  • 2d6 Encounters table 
  • d6 Urn table
  • d6 Treasure table
  • d6 Insanity table

PRINT: 2 sided, short edge

I hope this finds you well!


A special thank you to artist & designer Sally Yoo for playtesting.


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Do I need this if I have the ZINE?
Is there a digital version anywhere?

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Hello! f you want to send me your email address I'll send the pdf. You don't need this if you have the zine, but I'd be happy to send it! You can reach me at sorceressandwitch@gmail.com.