Major Update for Improved Solo Player Experience

Jump right in to character creation, getting equipped, and learning how to survive the catacombs.

Build a party and use the new mechanics to hunt for treasure - or die trying.

Many thanks to @ardenvandel for the suggested improvements!


MAPPING the CATACOMBS - A Sorceress & Witch Adventure Pamphlet VER3 18MAY2019.pdf 1 MB
May 19, 2019


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This game is great! I'll try it during this week. Thanks! 

One thing that makes me confused is the "intended path" (i) use. It would be more coherent if it applies only on the way back, when you're trying to get out of the catacombs. But that can be treated as a house rule.

Your game gave me a lot of ideas to create another adventure.

Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you produce, make sure to send it my way! 

Absolutely, the first version of this pamphlet was heavily bent toward GM Rulings, and one thing I didn’t do well in this update was to clarify to Order of Play, and the “i” etc. I’m trying to build up the nerve to do a play through video. Please let me know what works better for you so I can update again ha. 

What I’m hoping is that the Catacomb Confusion roll forces an unpredictable and difficult map layout which usually leads to death or at least a very difficult time escaping.

Order of Play

  • Draw Circle
  • Roll for Contents & Resolve
  • Roll for Chamber Connections
  • Choose a path & mark
  • Roll Catacomb Confusion & follow that path instead
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