Thanks & Updates

I want to say thank you to everyone for connecting with me and supporting this zine project over the last year+ 

  • The zine version of MAPPING the CATACOMBS is now free - it's a more complete version of the game, easier for solo play
  •  If you've purchased the MAPPING the CATACOMBS zine I will send you a free pdf version of the next project LOST in the FOREST. I'll send that via email here, and a short time later I'll release it as a 6x9 book. LOST in the FOREST has grown to 200+ pages of pen and paper play for the solo reader - or for a GM and their party. It uses a similar mapping mechanic in a vast magical forest with tons more areas, encounters, creatures, herbs, and more with accompanying illustrations.
  • Small updates to the zine: a few small rule updates and errors
  • Thank you for clicking, I wish you all the best.




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