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Print two-sided onto card stock as an Xmas card!


  • CANDY CANE OF HEALING - lasts forever; won’t break if attached to belt, will break if stored away properly; gain effects of a full rest when eaten; attracts nearby enemies if eaten in under an hour
  • SPIRIT of the SEASON SPELL SCROLL - COMPULSION; creature of choice within sight makes Wisdom save, fail: sing out loud as many seasonal tunes as they can remember
  • SEASONAL HALLUCINATION SPELL SCROLL - decorate a 150 ft cube in desired look, sound, feel, or smell
  • BUILD A SNOWMAN SPELL SCROLL - causes heavy snow for half a day in any location; build a snowman & once properly decorated, will become animated; friendly - 2d6 HP, HARDEN: an icy shell deflects melee attacks
  • FRUIT CAKE - lasts forever; eat one slice, gain effects of a full rest & until a full rest is taken, causes random bouts of glee without abandon due to the overwhelming SPIRIT of the SEASON (at GM discretion, roll d6 - odd: bout of glee)
  • STAG & SLEIGH WHISTLE - a large hollow hoof; when a seasonal tune is correctly played (player whistle/hum) a sleigh and team of 8 stag appear to provide travel to any known destination; whistle, stag & sleigh disappear upon arrival


d6 Barbarian King Gifts.png 625 kB
d6 Barbarian King Gifts B Side.png 293 kB

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